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An holistic approach to the mind/body interface requires careful contemplation of all relevant factors.

The psychological, physical, and pharmacological dimensions of wellbeing are complex unto themselves, each of them interacting with and feeding back on the others. Failure to account for these dependencies can drive short-term benefits but at the cost of long-term equilibrium.

At Blue Collar, our integrated approach to OHS means analyzing different medications and foods to see how they interact with the body, and with each other, via genetic testing. To this end, Blue Collar has partnered with Biogeniq to mitigate the risks of pharmacological guesswork.

OHS management in the COVID-era also demands a robust psychological component—not merely resilience training, but rather, bona fide CBT delivered by registered therapists via a virtual platform. As such, we collaborate with BEACON, the only iCBT service proven to help depression, anxiety, insomnia & PTSD:

Blue Collar disability management is about whole-systems synergy. Collaboration with our trusted partners — BEACON, Biogeniq, Shift OHS — ensures worker health and safety, mental wellbeing, and critical support in the event of disability.

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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Ben Barfett, Principal and Consultant, has spent his life in the construction sector, specifically heavy civil, enviro, commercial, and energy. Having held senior roles in business development, technical advisory, and regional management, he earned his stripes in the field and in head office. Conscious of the interplay between commercial, legal, and execution aspects of construction, his business insights are informed by expertise in WCB policy and enhanced with disability-specific training.

Blue Collar Consulting

Blue Collar Consulting is a WCB and disability management firm. The company specializes in rapid and affordable disability solutions that advance current claims, contain the cost of future claims, and get injured workers back on their feet.