Mastering the Two-Pronged Approach to Workplace Disability

When dealing with a workplace injury, negotiating the intricacies of disability management is something of a slippery slope. On one hand, you have the need to manage an individual’s recovery process. On the other, you face an array of cost implications and bureaucratic complexities that can snowball in a hurry. Let’s illustrate this by considering […]

The Impact of Increasing Claim Durations on Employer Premiums

In recent years, WCB has observed a concerning trend —  the average claim duration for injured workers receiving wage loss replacement benefits has been on a relentless rise. As representatives for employers, here we address this issue as prolonged disability is already inflating WCB base rates. The upward trend Over the past decade, the average […]

WCB and the Elderly: Has the Board Lost its Way?

The act of legislating is both an art and a science. It’s an exercise in balancing interests, much like a tightrope walker, delicately deciphering between the too general and the overly specific. Stray too far one way, and the law risks losing its weight. Lean too far the other, and it becomes unbending, cold, merciless. […]

PCI and NELP: Understanding the Two Sides of the Same Coin

Workers Compensation Body Part Valuation Chart for Injury Claims | Understanding Compensation Values

When accidents happen on the job, it’s not just the immediate pain and turmoil that workers face. They’re plunged headfirst into the daunting world of worker’s compensation– a maze that can confuse even the most seasoned navigator. And one term that often causes furrowed brows is what’s referred to as a Permanent Clinical Impairment, or […]

Protect your WCB rights

Navigating the Complexities of WCB Claims and Severance Agreements Understanding the intricate balance of rights and responsibilities within the workers’ compensation system is crucial for every employed individual. But due to a lack of information or awareness, workers may unknowingly jeopardize these rights when confronted with severance packages. This article seeks to educate and guide […]

CRPS and how WCB handles it

  Amy Pohl once led a normal life as a primary school teacher. But the 25-year-old now suffers from a rare chronic pain condition known as complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, which has left her bedridden and forced to be fed through a feeding tube.   Pohl was diagnosed with CRPS in January 2018. […]

STD or LTD instead of WCB? Not so fast

When a debilitating injury or illness strikes, it can feel like your world’s been turned upside down. In your moment of need, it’s easy to make decisions that seem like the quickest and most straightforward path to recovery. And many of us know of someone who’s had a terrible experience with workers’ compensation, so there’s […]

Surprise! CEWS and WCB

Employers getting burned for failing to report the CEWS subsidy While white-knuckling their passage through COVID, employers flocked to wage subsidy programs like the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) to stay afloat. And while this program did provide crucial support to cash-strapped companies, tens of thousands of employers who received the subsidy were actually ineligible […]

Modified Work 101

When injury strikes, modified work can be the bridge between disability and a full return to the workforce Under ideal circumstances, employees injured or sickened on the job recover quickly and are able to resume duties no worse for wear. But not everyone gets off so lucky. Oftentimes doctors permit a return to work provided […]

Failure to accommodate bites Tim Horton’s franchisee

Neglecting its duty to accommodate proves costly Disability management has a new-agey ring to it. As a nascent discipline, it seems something of a foray into the abstract conjured by a business school or prestigious consultancy to spawn new springs of billable hours. But courtesy of a recent Human Rights ruling, a Tim Horton’s franchisee […]