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WCB claims for psych injuries are up 2700%—even before COVID-19. And notice how the 2019 figures merely represent the mid-year count (July YTD). Furthermore, these statistics only capture primary psychological injuries, not secondary psych injuries (i.e. depression resulting from a workplace injury). If secondary were added, the trend line would shoot off the page and run down the street.

The spike isn’t attributable to First Responders (red), but rather, is being driven by corporate staff, salespeople, managers, admin workers, etc. Burnout, anxiety, & depression due to interpersonal conflicts, bullying, excessive workloads, & a perceived lack of social justice in the workplace—are reportedly the primary drivers.

WCB costs stemming from psych injuries are twice that of musculoskeletal (sprains, strains, fractures). Recovery duration is also double versus musculoskeletal.

Construction companies might consider how a surge in psych claims will disqualify them from bidding jobs. Even a spotless safety record on the worksite can be negated by a single case of depression in the accounting department.

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