Long COVID driving WCB claims


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Of 236,379 patients who survived a diagnosis of COVID, the incidence of neurological or psychiatric sequelae at 6 months was a staggering 33.6% according to the University of Oxford. Diagnostic categories included stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, dementia, and psychotic disorders. These findings show substantial neurological and psychiatric morbidity following COVID-19 infection. The full study here:


Closer to home, a trio of clinics in Alberta are collecting data to help doctors and the WCB better understand Chronic COVID Syndrome (CCS). “It’s still early in the understanding of COVID and its long-term effects,” said Jason Weatherald, professor of respirology at the University of Calgary. “We’ll be studying the outcomes of these patients and looking at things like quality of life and neurocognitive outcomes over the long term, because we really don’t know if we’re out of the woods yet with COVID.”

COVID is triggering blood clots/strokes, autoimmune diseases, bipolar disorder, and other serious conditions. The WCB and private health insurers are working overtime to process and manage short-term COVID claims that are morphing into expensive long-term liabilities.

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