Success Stories

Our consultants take pride in helping injured workers secure the compensation and support appropriate to their circumstances. Below are just a few examples of our success stories, demonstrating our commitment and expertise in navigating the workers’ compensation system:

Backdated Compensation for a Heavy Equipment Operator:

A 52-year-old injured worker with degenerative disc disease was denied compensation ten years ago. The Board did not accept the relationship between his many years spent operating heavy equipment and the early onset of spinal stenosis.

Blue Collar Consulting successfully established a cause-effect relationship between his job and the disability. As a result, the worker was awarded 10 years of retroactive wages, full reinstatement of wage-loss benefits, housekeeping and house maintenance allowance, and other benefits.

Presumptive Coverage for a First Responder with PTSD:

A 40-year-old first responder was denied compensation for PTSD. The Board decided that nearly two decades of daily exposure to life-and-death trauma did not contribute to the worker’s mental breakdown and substance abuse. Blue Collar Consulting argued for coverage on the basis of Presumptive Coverage, securing wage-loss and medical benefits for the police officer so he could focus on recovery instead of fighting WCB.

Corrected Wage-Loss Benefits for an Underpaid Worker:

A 62-year-old worker had been receiving wage-loss benefits of $2,500 per month since 2015 but was sure he was entitled to more. Blue Collar Consulting reviewed his tax returns and determined that he was being shorted by hundreds of dollars per month. The worker received a cheque for $47,000 in underpayment, as well as adjusted wage-loss benefits moving forward.

Fair Compensation for an Injured Apprentice:

A fourth-year apprentice had his career path ruined by a work accident. WCB wanted to base his compensation on an apprentice’s earnings instead of a fully-ticketed electrician. Blue Collar Consulting argued that this was an unfair representation of earning power and pushed for an upward revision of the compensation rate. The appeal was successful, and the apprentice received benefits in line with those provided to a fully-fledged tradesman.

Reinstated Benefits for an Elderly Worker with an Unsuitable Job Offer:

A 73-year-old hotshot driver was told he could work a dispatching job located 100 km from his residence on 10-day rotations, 12 hours/day, while being on call. Blue Collar Consulting argued that an elderly worker with profound disability couldn’t be expected to commute 2 hours a day on top of a 12-hour shift for ten days in a row. The result: the dispatching job was deemed unsuitable by the DRDRB, and this gentleman’s benefits were hence reinstated.

These success stories are a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion that Blue Collar Consulting brings to every case. If you’re an injured worker in need of representation, contact us today to discuss your case and learn how we can help you secure suitable financial support.