Interim Relief

Injured workers often face financial difficulties while dealing with their WCB cases. Interim Relief is a financial aid program designed to help eligible workers in such situations.

What is Interim Relief?

Interim Relief is a temporary financial assistance program offered by the WCB to provide support to injured workers who are appealing a decision and experiencing financial hardship. This aid helps workers meet their basic needs while they wait for their appeal to be resolved.

Who is it intended for?

Interim Relief is intended for injured workers who:

How can it help?

Interim Relief can provide financial support to cover essential expenses such as food, shelter, and utilities, ensuring that workers can focus on their recovery and WCB case without the added stress of financial difficulties.

How does Blue Collar Consulting help?

Blue Collar Consulting assists injured workers in applying for Interim Relief by:

If you’re an injured worker facing financial hardship and considering an appeal, contact Blue Collar Consulting today. Let us help you secure the financial support you need while fighting for your rights and the benefits you deserve.