WCB Cost Relief and Recovery

Specialists in complex psych and musculoskeletal injuries.

Recent changes to WCB legislation have led to a surge in the prevalence of complex claims, i.e; those entailing a long recovery, significant pain, or psychological concerns.  A great deal of information must be reviewed to make decisions on these complicated claims and additional investigation is necessary to determine work-relatedness. The added workload makes it difficult for case workers to provide consistent service and direction to employers. 

This overload is causing employers to miss out on cost relief stemming from preexisting medical conditions, concurrent conditions, and other intervening causes.  This relief allows for a transfer of costs away from the employer’s experience rating when extenuating circumstances are present.  In such cases, the WCB may relieve all or part of the costs of a compensable claim.

Blue Collar reviews your case files to explore grounds for cost relief or cost removal. Every claim is scrubbed for factors that could hold potential to reduce or remove costs. The result of this analysis can have a dramatic positive effect on future premiums.