Political Correctness and WCB Claims

Matters of political correctness are driving a record rise in WCB claims.


Workers’ comp legislation requires employers to ensure psychologically-safe workplaces. In part this means protecting workers from real or imagined slights, hurt feelings, and/or damaged self-esteem. As such, a WCB claim filed for mental trauma caused by, say, overhearing a culturally-insensitive remark or perceiving a microaggression — is likely to be accepted prima facie by the Board. And what of the legal implications?

Howard Levitt, senior partner of LSCS Law, opines on the legal repercussions of political correctness run amok:

What Conrad Black referred to in a recent column as the “apparently invincible, bone-crushing advance of the juggernaut of political correctness” has spread from school campuses to the workplace in a creeping assertion of political orthodoxy.

“Political correctness” initially referred to language or measures intended to avoid offending certain groups. But in recent years, it has become a cudgel wielded to enforce ideological orthodoxy and punish or ‘cancel’ dissent on a range of topics…

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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