Success Stories

Our consultants take pride in helping injured workers secure the compensation and support appropriate to their circumstances. Below are just a few examples of our success stories, demonstrating our commitment and expertise in navigating the workers’ compensation system:

Subcontractor Firm Wins Bidding War

A medium-sized hydrovac company was experiencing high WCB claim costs, impacting their bottom line and competitiveness in tender bids. They approached Blue Collar Consulting for assistance. Our intervention resulted in substantial reductions in their claims costs, leading to decreased WCB premiums. The improved WCB metrics amplified their competitiveness, leading them to secure a multi-million-dollar project over their competitors on account of a superior safety record.

Manufacturing Business Boosts Profitability

A manufacturing firm was grappling with high operational disruptions due to employees’ prolonged absences. This led to steep WCB and group benefit premiums, significantly lowering their EBITDA. They engaged Blue Collar Consulting, and through our expert disability management strategies, we minimized operational disruption by expediting return-to-work processes. This led to an unexpected 4% improvement in EBITDA and better financial health for the company.

Roofing Contractor Streamlines Operations

A roofing contractor was facing significant challenges managing WCB processes in-house, pulling their HR and Safety teams away from their core tasks. They decided to outsource their WCB advocacy and disability management to Blue Collar Consulting. The shift allowed their HR and Safety managers to focus on talent retention, recruitment, and workplace safety, leading to a significant boost in productivity and employee satisfaction.

Cleaning Company Enhances Operational Efficiency

A commercial cleaning company was overwhelmed with the complex WCB management processes, leading to inefficiency and escalating costs. After partnering with Blue Collar Consulting, we streamlined their WCB processes, reducing claims costs and premiums. As a result, they could reinvest those savings into their business operations, leading to overall enhanced operational efficiency and profitability.

Improves Employee Relations

An assisted-living operator was struggling with high employee absenteeism and rising WCB claims. Blue Collar Consulting stepped in and implemented an effective disability management strategy, reducing absenteeism, and improving employee relations. As a result, the company saw a significant decrease in WCB and group benefit premiums, leading to healthier financial results and a happier workforce.

These success stories are a testament to the dedication, skill, and passion that Blue Collar Consulting brings to every case. If you’re an injured worker in need of representation, contact us today to discuss your case and learn how we can help you secure suitable financial support.