Disability Program Design

Reducing overhead while safeguarding bidding power.

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What is disability management?

Disability management is a proactive and coordinated strategy to facilitate and manage employee health and productivity. Instead of treating disability as an unavoidable cost of doing business and allowing claims to be victimized by chance, a disability program empowers employers and leads to better outcomes for themselves and employees. 

Plan design

Inexpensive Blue Collar programs are always tailored to unique needs. Gap analysis, action planning, early intervention, return-to-work planning, and claim management comprise the key elements. We collaborate with your management team for the purposes of:

  • Getting injured people back to work rapidly and safely
  • Strategic preservation of bidding power and TRIF management 
  • Proactively preventing time-loss claims 
  • Controlling claims costs 
  • Ensuring legal compliance

What’s involved?

  • Develop policies, procedures, and forms
  • Educate management team
  • Promote the program
  • Implement and evaluate

Seamless Integration

The benefits are endless, yet some businesses remain slow to adopt a disability program. Often this is due to fears related to integrating it with current systems, as well as perceived costs and extra training that might be required. But Blue Collar makes program implementation painless and simple. You’ll be up and running in no time flat