Advocacy & Appeals

Representation informed by deep knowledge of WCB policy and law.

If you’re unsatisfied with a WCB claim decision, Blue Collar prepares and initiates WCB appeals so you don’t have to. We take the lead in planning strategy and representing your interests before the Board, resolution specialists, and if necessary, the Appeals Commission.

Undertaking a claim-review can be quite technical, as a substantial time commitment is required to file the appeal and prepare for the hearing. Steps include evaluating WCB’s rationale for entitlement, investigating medical history, and assembling the requisite information to challenge a decision. This combined with the need to understand policy and procedure can make for a daunting proposition. Blue Collar removes this load from your shoulders and builds the strongest possible case on your behalf. 

Blue Collar also defends your interests where an employee (or former employee) appeals to the Board or Appeal Commission. Absent a proper defense, the Board or Commission may only hear one side of the story, a scenario that often results in unwanted consequences for an employer. So before you call a WCB lawyer, give Blue Collar a call first. 

Hassle-Free Implementation

Blue Collar’s program is quick and painless to implement, meshes easily with existing systems, and requires no large capital outlays nor any new hires. Simply put, we provide the process, training, and on-demand support while you retain ultimate control over program execution.