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Multitasking; Good, Bad or Downright Rude?


There are many of us out there that believe multitasking is not only unproductive but actually bad for those that practice it. This post not only explores what others are saying but for those that don't believe it gives is a short exercise that may be convincing It is hard to get better unless you understand what is currently happening. Click here for the complete post.


 Give Gifts to Improve Productivity?


According to a recent survey holiday gifts improve motivation and can in some cases improve productivity. This post explores if that is really valid and what does happen when you give gifts. That and - would you be willing to work Sunday if that made you more productive? The arguments make sense from a productivity standpoint but I am not sure it is something to advocate. Click here for the complete post.

 gift giving


thanking employees 

  Motivating Employees with a Thank You Card

This post features a tip from a former US Army General, Stanley McChrystal. He advocates sending thank you notes to show people how much you value them. In addition a former U.S. Army captain Gary E. McCullough shares a great way to focus people when they request a meeting with you. This would be great to use when you request meetings with others as well. Click here for the complete post.


Changing for Productivity

Are you trying to make changes in your organization to improve your productivity? This post offers some insights as to why that isn’t as easy as it sounds along with some tools to help you manage that change. Click here for the complete post. 

Changing for Productivity